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Suggested Exercise
(~5 minutes)

Assume that the research you are currently working on could not get published. What are the most likely causes of this happening to you? Brainstorm a list of possibilities – null results, loss of funding, too many rejections.

What are the benefits of disseminating your research through repositories and preprints?

Helpful Literature

WebsiteBerlin Institute of Health
Author(s)Bernard, René; Bobrov, Evgeny; Riedel, Nico; Weissgerber, Tracey.

Bernard, R., Weissgerber, T. L., Bobrov, E., Winham, S., Dirnagl, U., & Riedel, N. (2019, July 23). fiddle: A tool to combat publication bias by getting research out of the file drawer and into the scientific community.