About us

Our mission: To transform the way we do science by creating leading-edge educational materials on rigorous research.

Our vision: A global community of scientists empowered to do reproducible and reliable research.

Welcome to the Community for Rigor, C4R!
Fellow researchers, educators, innovators, welcome to Community for Rigor! In 2022, a group of scientists from diverse universities and research institutions in the United States came together to address a common concern: improving education in the principles of rigorous scientific research. We’re not just a group of scientists; we’re activists at heart, a movement driven by a shared passion for efficient, open, and reproducible research. We invite you to join us on our journey to transform the way we do science.

Less Wrong Every Day
We envision a global community in which every researcher has the mindset, the training, and the support that enables them to do great work. Our motto unites our community: “Less wrong every day.” With the generous support of NIH/NINDS, we are embarking on a bold quest to spread the principles of scientific rigor far and wide through accessible, effective, and engaging educational materials. We’re here to bring the rigor conversation to the forefront; to put responsible and reliable science in the spotlight and to make it an exciting and compelling every-day practice.

C4R is supported by the NIH and NINDS. Read the Press Release here.

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Our mascot

Rigorous Raven

Our mascot is the Rigorous Raven. It’s inspired by our love of alliteration and rigor in science. It was designed by Kevin Rusch. Rigorous raven loves to learn. Their favorite sentence is “Rigorous research requires replicable results”.