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Suggested Exercise
(~5 minutes)

Which funders support researchers in your field? Which funders are you most likely to be funded by for a future project? The DMPTool can help provide clarity for your data management plan (DMP) by organizing DMPs by funder.

  • Take a look at the Funder Requirements page. Search for a funder. Is there a template available for them?
  • Take a look at a template. Are there questions you have about any of the requirements? The “Funder Links” column contains the source material for the template, so start there for clarification on the requirements.
  • Finally, take a look at the “Sample Plans” column. Are there sample plans available using that funder template? If so, take a look and see what a completed DMP might look like for your funder.

Next time you’re starting a project, try out the DMPTool to make your data management planning easier.

Does creating a data management plan improve the rigor of a study? What aspects of a data management plan relate to the reproducibility of a study?

Helpful Literature
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