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TutorialIntroduction to DAG Game

Suggested Exercise
(~10 minutes)
Taken from r-project.org.

Identifying Potential Confounders
Suppose you’re a researcher investigating the association between education and diabetes, and you want to know whether you should adjust for your subjects mother’s history of diabetes. This is linked to both education (through income) and your subject’s diabetes (through genetic risk). Using the tools you see here, try and create a model of these relationships.

What about when your study design already stratifies on m?

Helpful Literature

Author(s)Textor et al.

Johannes Textor, Benito van der Zander, Mark K. Gilthorpe, Maciej Liskiewicz, George T.H. Ellison. Robust causal inference using directed acyclic graphs: the R package 'dagitty'.
International Journal of Epidemiology 45(6):1887-1894, 2016.