Tool Repository

Below we’ve listed all sorts of rigor- and reproducibility-related tools along with a link to a relevant tutorial, a note as to whether the tool is free or commercial, and the specific part of the research process you might find them most useful for — be sure to check them out and spread the word! (version 0.1)

ToolTutorialDescriptionApplicationOpen SourcePrice
GPowerYouTubeFacilitates power analysis to calculate appropriate sample size for given study.Study Design, Sample SizesFree
PubPeerYouTubeFacilitates discussion of rigor, reproducibility, and any other potential issues of any given published paper.Literature reviewFree
Scite.aiYouTubeAI-driven citation, literature review, and reference checking tool.Literature reviewPaid
SciScoreAutomated methods review tool for scientific articles.Literature reviewPaid
Limitation RecognizerAutomatically recognizes self-acknowledged limitation sentences in biomedical articlesLiterature reviewFree
AMSTAR 2YouTubeCritical appraisal tool for systematic reviews.Literature reviewFree
DMPToolYouTubeTool to create data management plans, also offers resources and services available at participating institutions to help fulfill data management requirements.Study DesignFree
LabArchivesYouTubeCommercial line of electronic laboratory notebooks.Study Design, Data analysis, ReproducibilityPaid
StatXFinderDecision support tool for appropriate statistical test selection.Study Design, Data AnalysisFree
DAGittyRPubs, YouTubeBrowser-based environment for creating, editing, and analyzing causal diagrams.Free
FiddleMatch-making tool that aids in publishing of data/information that is difficult to publish in traditional journals.Open ScienceFree
GitYouTubeDistributed version control system that tracks changes in any set of computer files.Version ControlFree
GithubYouTubeHosting service for software development and version control using Git.Version Control, Open ScienceFree
JupyterLabYouTubeWeb-based interactive development environment for notebooks, code, and data.Open Science, ReproducibilityFree
Jupyter NotebookYouTubeWeb application for creating and sharing computational documents.Open Science, ReproducibilityFree
JupyterHubYouTubeMulti-user version of Jupyter Notebook designed for companies, classrooms and research labsOpen Science, ReproducibilityFree
VoilàConverts Jupyter Notebooks into interactive dashboards for data sharing purposes.Open Science, ReproducibilityFree
StanTDS, YouTubePlatform for statistical modeling and high-performance statistical computation.Data AnalysisFree
ARRIVEChecklist of information to include in publications describing animal research.Open Science, ReproducibilityFree
rtransparentGenerates statements on conflicts of interest, funding, or protocol registration.Open ScienceFree
ODDPubScreens papers for Open Data practices.Open ScienceFree
JetFighterScreens preprints to improve data representation and color-blind accessibility.AccessibilityFree
BarzookaChecks for bar graphs of continuous data.Free
Seek & BlastnCorrect identification of nucleotide sequences.Reproducibility, Open ScienceFree
TRNScreenerAutomatically checks clinical trial registration numbers from review, ReproducibilityFree
Open Research CalPublic calendar of open science events and meetings.Open ScienceFree